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Ways I Can Support You

Whole-Person Support
Supporting Family & Friends
Demystifying Your Care Plan
Support During Surgery
Support at Appointments
Support After Surgery

I believe in whole person support, not just focusing on your cancer. I will connect you to resources and together we will explore ways I can support you including nutrition, exercise and self-care needs. I will also work with you to understand ways your family needs supported.

Medical speak is difficult to understand, the vocabulary is almost like another language. I will interpret diagnoses, test results, treatment and surgical plans and provide evidence- based information.

I am able to accompany you to your Dr. Appointments and provide an additional set of eyes and ears to learn and understand the information. I work as a liaison to make sure your voice is heard and communication with the medical staff is optimal.

I will meet with family to facilitate emotions as they work through your cancer diagnosis by answering questions, providing empathy, understanding, and support.
I will empower friends with ways to support and help lessen the stress of illness.

I am able to be with you and your family as you get ready for surgery and support your family as they wait during your surgical procedure. I will be there when the surgery is finished to interpret the Dr.’s report on the surgery.

After surgery you may need additional support with medical procedures that include drains or catheters. I will help in navigating any post operative instructions and include teaching that may be necessary.



Hold My Hand


package includes:

  • In-person or virtual meeting to discuss diagnosis, history, medical documents and develop a personalized care plan

  • 2 45-minute Meetings per month

  • Personalized meditation recording

  • Access to classes and events at The Well

Walk With Me


Walk with Me includes services provided in the Hold My Hand package plus:

  • 2 additional 45-minute meetings: May be used for family, friends, or Dr. appointments

  • Phone calls/texts

Journey Together


package includes: 


services provided in the

Hold my Hand and Walk with Me

packages plus:

  • Unlimited monthly meetings

  • Unlimited phone calls/texts

  • Support for Dr. Appointments, Treatments/Surgery and Family

Walk with Me


package includes:


services provided in the

Hold my Hand 

package plus:

  • 1 Family or Friend meeting

  • 1 Dr. Appointment visit

How do we get started?

The best way for us to begin learning about one another is for you to schedule a free 30-minute chat with me. I can learn about the needs of your family, your circumstances, and ways I can support you. Click below to schedule time to chat with me, either by video chat, phone call, or in person.

Reading Glasses on Book

Additional Offerings

Initial consultation   $100

  • 1 hour ~~ In person or virtual meeting to discuss diagnosis, history, medical documents, and develop a personalized care plan

Individualized Meeting  $75


  • 45 minutes ~~ In person or virtual meeting or Dr. appointment

Gift Cards may be purchased through The Well

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