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Shifting Our Balance Blog

Have you ever been thrown off balance? I have, many times in my life. This blog shares some of my stories, both old and new, on how I’ve learned to shift my balance and embrace life while remaining curious and hopeful. Shifts in balance have molded me, strengthened me, and sometimes crushed me… but I’ve made it through. Come with me in peace and love.
Happy Little Girl

How Do I look?

"When I was a little girl, I loved to wear full skirts and dresses and twirl around. I would ask, “How do I look” and of course everyone, including me, thought I was adorable. There is such an innocence about the way we see ourselves when we are young. I’m not sure when I started to notice other girls and compare myself, but it happened. What if there was a world where people didn’t compare or compete with others? When I was 5 I pretended to be Miss America now it’s hard to even walk past the mirror." 

Girls in White Dresses
Glass rosette

Bend & Snap!

"Breasts, bosoms, bust, chest, mammary glands, boobs, knockers, bazookas, tatas, jugs, teats, hooters, titties…….a women’s breast has many names. It is not a topic talked about much, especially in mixed company. So after I received a breast cancer diagnosis, this topic weaved its way in to my everyday conversations. When one has breast cancer, you are faced with a multitude of decisions. Since this was my second go round, my only real choice on the left side was a mastectomy. After many genetic tests and consultations, I opted for “Door number 1” to have a mastectomy on the other side as well. Ok, 2 decisions down. Now, let’s talk about nipples."

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