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Hello, I'm Carolyn


.. a Registered Nurse with 45+ years of experience and a Certified Doula with empathy and wisdom to provide compassionate care to my clients. Cancer is very personal to me. I relate to clients in a way that only someone with their own cancer journey can.  As a two-time survivor, I will listen intently and share insights that have helped me cope with cancer.

I have been and continue to be a caregiver for numerous people during their cancer journey, and most recently my husband who died of ALS. I support people in end-of-life choices and educate them on the process. I also act as a patient liaison and advocate for the elderly.

I am an active collaborator at The Well and volunteer for Muse Machine and Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. I participate and moderate for the University of Dayton Osher Life Long Learning Institute (UDOLLI).

Winding Forest Road

My Philosophy

My philosophy is we all need love and support without fear. Having cancer is scary, overwhelming, and life-changing. I would like to help you navigate this journey with truthful support, guidance, and kindness.


Let me honor and respect your past and present story while embracing the known and unknown of a new chapter. I will give you the tools to travel this journey with an open mind and open heart, urging you to remain curious about any and all possibilities.

“Between stimulus and response,

there is a space.

In that space is our power

to choose our response.

In our response

lies our growth and our freedom.”

― Viktor E. Frankl


Client Testimonial

Carolyn has been a medical advocate for three generations of our family. 


When someone is facing a health care issue, Carolyn is a calm, knowledgeable presence, seeking needed information, interpreting test reports, and helping navigate the next steps. She advocates for both the physical and emotional well-being of the patient.


To have her at one’s side when meeting with a physician is reassuring. I am delighted she is sharing her gifts of medical expertise and compassion."


SSR, Oakwood, OH

There are four Pillars of Support on which I build your foundation of care


Your body will undergo a significant disruption, not only where the cancer is but all over. We will address your needs including self-care, nutrition, exercise, and a calm supportive environment.


To say this is a roller coaster ride is an understatement. You will have intense feelings and lots of them. Together, we will confront the emotions and work through them. By using active listening skills and empathy, I will offer reassurance and encouragement and meet you right where you are emotionally.


You can have too much information, and not enough information. We will determine where you want to be in the spectrum. I encourage you not to go on the internet and search before having enough information to do so. To go on the web blindly can be devastating and leads to a very deep “rabbit hole." I can help you decipher the medical speak, and interpret test results and treatment plans. I am able to research different options, find evidence-based information, and bridge the gap between holistic and conventional medicine.  


Tackling cancer takes a team and you are the team’s most important member. I want to make sure you feel like you have a voice that is heard. I will give you tools to help you feel empowered.  Working as a liaison, I am able to facilitate communication and promote a safe space, unconditional acceptance, and offer adequate time for decision making with support for your choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula?


Doula is a Greek word meaning servant. There are many types of doulas, most often used in birth, labor, and delivery. A cancer doula is a companion who supports and provides assistance and guidance through your cancer diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. A doula may also support family members and friends with their emotional needs and help navigate the logistics of keeping the household running smoothly.

How do I know if I want a doula?


Sometimes we think we can do everything on our own. Yes, we “can” but it is so much easier with help. A doula is a knowledgable, judgment-free, experienced companion that will help navigate all aspects of your journey. I want you to be able to focus on yourself and healing.

When do I get a doula?


A cancer doula is beneficial at any point – including pre-diagnosis, testing, consults, treatment, and after.

Where does the doula work?


The doula is flexible and together with you and your family, will design a unique personal care plan. Some work can be done in the doula’s office in a calm safe space, during home visits, physician office buildings, hospitals, phone calls, texts, virtually, or however best for you.

What if I feel unsure about having a doula?


It is not an easy time to make decisions, this is a major life change. Call for a consultation and see how you feel afterward. This is a no-pressure decision.

How much does this service cost?


I offer a variety of packages, individualized plans, and concierge services. Let's talk to find out what option is right for you. Please don't let the fact that insurance does not cover doula services deter you. I am accommodating and will work with you to navigate payment.

How do we get started?

The best way for us to begin learning about one another is for you to schedule a free 30-minute chat with me. I can learn about your situation, the needs of you and your family, your circumstances, and ways I can support you.

937  478-7028

Flower Buds

"You want Carolyn Reveal, Cancer Doula, by your side as you navigate through a cancer diagnosis! Carolyn was with us through the whole journey, from symptoms to remission. Her knowledge and emotional support were invaluable.


She was accessible and was able to answer our questions. Based on Carolyn’s training as a registered nurse, Carolyn knew what to ask the doctors. She was able to help us decipher medical reports, interpret test results and listen to and opine on suggested treatment options.


Most importantly she was there to provide emotional support during the roller coaster of emotions you feel living with cancer. She’s the best!"

KBH, Kettering, OH

Pink Flower

"Carolyn helped me and my family in so many ways with the care of my sister. She is available and understands the ups and downs of dealing with a medical crisis.


She has guided me in this difficult time with kindness and wisdom, encouraging me to feel hope and confidence."

PKS, Washington Township, OH

Whole-Person Support
Supporting Family & Friends
Demystifying Your Care Plan
Support During Surgery
Support at Appointments
Support After Surgery

I believe in whole-person support. I will connect you to resources and together we will explore ways I can support you including nutrition, exercise, and self-care needs. I will also work with you to understand ways your family needs support.

Medical speak is difficult to understand, the vocabulary is almost like another language. I will interpret diagnoses, test results, treatment and surgical plans and provide evidence- based information.

I am able to accompany you to your Dr. Appointments and provide an additional set of eyes and ears to learn and understand the information. I work as a liaison to make sure your voice is heard and communication with the medical staff is optimal.

I will meet with the family to facilitate emotions as they work through your diagnosis. By answering questions, providing empathy, understanding, and support.
I will empower friends with ways to support and help lessen the stress of illness.

I am able to be with you and your family as you get ready for surgery and support your family as they wait during your surgical procedure. I will be there when the surgery is finished to interpret the Dr.’s report on the surgery.

After surgery you may need additional support with medical procedures that include drains or catheters. I will help in navigating any post operative instructions and include teaching that may be necessary.

Ways I Can Support You

Notebook and Pen

Shifting Our Balance Blog

Have you ever been thrown off balance? I have, many times in my life. This blog shares some of my stories, both old and new, including navigating cancer or being a caregiver. I’ve learned to shift my balance and embrace life while remaining curious and hopeful. Shifts in balance have molded me, strengthened me, and sometimes crushed me… but I’ve made it through.

Come with me in peace and love.


The Well  

The Well is a Center for Women's Wellness where Carolyn is an active collaborator.

Contact Carolyn

Phone: (937) 478-7028
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